Welcome in the Elisabeth Hospital Recklinghausen

Elisabeth Hospital Recklinghausen
Elisabeth Hospital Recklinghausen (picture from the air)

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Elisabeth Hospital has enjoyed the trust of its patients for over 100 years now. In 1898, it was founded as the first hospital Company, and today it provides for the care of more than 10,000 patients on-site with the most modern technology.

Elisabeth Hospital was a leader in both patient care and technology at that time and it continues to be today. According to modern demands, we strive for the most individual level of Service possible when it comes to accommodations and patient care. Naturally, we guarantee the quality of our technology.


Yours sincerely

Christoph Kortenjann

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The Elisabeth Krankenhaus Recklinghausen is a hospital of basic and regular care with best processed standards in diagnostics and therapy. Medical treatment is performed by highly qualified demonstrably reliable procedures. Pieces of evidence are the certified "Chest- Pain-Unit" in the cardiology by the German Association in Cardiology and also the certificated "Stroke Unit" of the Neurology.


The Elisabeth Krankenhaus is a middle-sized hospital with 288 beds. A personnel of 600 is involved in the processes of the patients treatment. The patients trust in the highly skilled and qualifi ed multicultural staff. We provide a cross-functional cooperation, which is based on flat hierarchies, collegiality and transparence.